Chavitos! Nature School

Nature Inspired, Spanish Immersed

Ages 2-5 and Grades K-5


"I met Meag when she came and completed the Cedarsong Nature School ( Forest Kindergarten Teacher Training. I was struck by her passion for the forest kindergarten, nature immersion model and her inspiring way of working with young children. I am excited to watch her progress on this path and feel confident endorsing her school as a great place to connect children with nature in an authentic way. When I wrote the chapter in my book (Forest Kindergartens: The Cedarsong Way) about what makes a great forest kindergarten teacher, I might as well have been describing Meag. Any family would be fortunate to have their child in her and Jose's program. " Erin Kenny- Cedarsong Founder

"I have been attending the playgroup with my son who will be two in April for 4 months now. Jose is energetic and full of life! The kids love his spirit and listen intently as they pick up on the meaning of his words while learning Spanish." Karen

"Meag was my son's Montessori guide for 2nd and 3rd grade. In those two years with her, he developed in ways that I know he wouldn't have in another classroom. Meag led her classroom with love, respect, and boundaries. She taught all of them how to come together as a community and support one another. I volunteered in her room, and saw her handle children of all abilities and some with severe behavioral struggles. I watched her treat them with respect, while also reminding them of the boundaries. I marveled at her ability to calmly deal with each issue as it arose, and still guide the children to learn. My son is 12 now, in 6th grade, and he still looks back on his years with Meag with great fondness, and so do I. She was his favorite teacher. I've met my share of teachers, with three children of my own, and a couple of step children along the way. I've met some really good teachers, and some not so good ones, but I've never met a teacher like Meag. She's the kind of teacher you wish you'd had, and that you want for your children. I've also met her husband, Jose, and they both are so filled with love and joy. It makes me wish I had a little one to enroll at Chavitos Nature School." Marsha -Previous parent at Geiger Montessori

"Although I have not had the pleasure of meeting Meag, I do know Jose. He is one of the nicest people I have ever met! His honesty, gentleness and sense of humor are perfect for that of a teacher!" Karen -Teacher at Tacoma Community House

"Meag was our child's Montessori teacher for 1st grade. The developmental progress made under her guidance around conflict resolution, problem solving, self-reflection, team building, and self-awareness are foundational pillars to this day. Even though our child was with Meag for one school year, her presence continues to live on in her and our family three years and growing." - Lisa- Parent at Geiger Montessori

"My daughter Natalie was truly inspired as a learner, creator, author, and leader during her first and second grade years while in Meag's class at a local Montessori school. Currently Natalie is enrolled in fifth grade at an international school, and the lessons learned in her first and second grade years with Meag are still apparent in the way she shows a genuine interest in learning, an open-mindedness to others ideas and cultures, an acceptance of others, flexibility in her thinking, and creativity in all she does." - Erin Albaugh, parent and 4th grade teacher at The International School of Berne, Switzerland.

"I have worked with Meag for three years now. The compassion, dedication and joy are evident from the moment you enter her classroom. Meag works to understand each of her students independently and supports them as they learn to advocate for and meet their own needs."-Caroline, Coworker

"Chavitos cultivates a resilience in the outdoors. I love the way my child smells like fresh air and trees when they come home!" - parent of a 5 year old

"Watching the kids play at the park. I'm amazed at their confidence in their bodies. Thanks to Chavitos!"- parent of a 2 and 5 year old

My husband and I are grateful for you and the forest. It seems as though it was just yesterday we were dropping our little one off on her first day. Thank you for welcoming her with open arms that day, and every day. She absolutely adores you and I know she will miss you dearly. You are truly a treasure. You foster an environment of forest magic for children to thrive. Thank you for loving and teaching her these past two years. We appreciate all you have done for our daughter and family. M and M- parents of a 4 year old

Our daughter came home from school everyday telling us about how silly Jose is. I'm pretty sure she thinks your name is "Silly Jose." Thank you for always putting a smile on her face and fostering an environment for her to learn through play and explore. We are forever grateful that she had you as one of her first teachers. I know she is going to miss her "Silly Jose." -M and M parents of a 4 year old. 

The biggest thing to me is that I feel very safe dropping my child off at Chavitos. It is no small thing to leave a small child with others. I feel 100% confident in your ability (and desire) to keep my child safe under any circumstances. -M parent of a 7 year old

Thank you for all the love, care, and support you have shown J this past year. Your guidance will make him successful in the years to come! - M and R parents of a 4 year old

C has grown by leaps and bounds! Thank you both for being wonderful teachers to him! We really appreciate the patience, love, and kindness in which you facilitate a supportive environment for the kids. C has grown so much with you and we are happy to witness the changes. - L and K parents of a 3 year old

I don't think words can express how special it has been to have E at Chavitos these last 3 years. She has learned so much, played hard, been beautifully muddy and dirty, made good friends and has been well loved by you. Thank you for the time, work, and intentionality you have poured into the program and into the kids. Thank you for exchanging childcare and taking E earlier this summer and thank you for coming alongside us and all the other families in the growth of our kiddos. Many blessings and well wishes to you! We are so excited to have C's turn to head to Chavitos! - E and C parents of a 5 year old

We cannot thank you enough for your hard work and care that you have put into our boy's education and growth. You have approached every challenge, obstacle, and victory with unending grace and authenticity. -E and J parents of a 5 and 3 year old

Marcia and Nick are so wonderful with E. They take her while she is crying in the morning and she always leaves with a smile and says that she had fun when I pick her up. I am so grateful for them!- R mom of a 3 year old

Hi Meag! I wanted to thank you and Jose so much for your help with B and for the feedback and ideas on how to teach him to be gentle with others. He’s already showing so much improvement at home and I’m so grateful to have your school as a resource ️

Thank you for your patience and skill! - F mom of a 2 year old

Meag and Jose where to begin? We are beyond grateful for another amazing year at Chavitos for N. When we step back and really observe N and his growth over the last year, we know that his growth is a direct result of the work you guys do. Nothing makes our heart happier than the honor of sending him to such a special school. Being a part of the Chavitos community has also given me the opportunity to grow as a mother, as I am surrounded by so many amazing parents. These years have meant the world to us as a family and we look forward to more ahead. - A and N parents of a 4 year old

Meag and Jose, thank you for the light, laughter, love and joy that you bring to teaching. Your care and concern for our kids, the celebration of their developmental milestones, daily reports of their activities lets us all know how attentive and dedicated you are to their growth and needs. You have cultivated such warmth and community, giving the kids such an amazing start to their life long journey. - L and K parents of a 3 and 5 year old

In the past 2 years of attending Chavitos A has been influenced to learn Spanish, has a thirst of adventure and has a deep appreciation of nature. Thank you for providing her with that experience. Both of you make a difference in children's lives every day. - M- mom of a 3 year old

 Just want to say that I loved this month's newsletter -- it just touched on everything I needed to hear, especially the punishment piece and softening myself up to the changes / opportunities / magic around me. Thank you. I hear your words and value your wisdom. G parent of a Kindergartener. 

We want to thank you for this beautiful experience you've created and shared with so many. Our children are so lucky to have Chavitos in their lives with you guys seeing them as whole and special people. T and I are so fond of you.- T and D parents of a Kindergartener and 2nd grader

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