Chavitos! Nature School

Nature Inspired, Spanish Immersed

Ages 2-5 and Grades K-5

Number of Days

 3 hours

 1 day/week


2 days/week


3 days/week


4 days/week


 5 days/week



Every year we offer scholarships to reduce tuition. Our desire is that all students have access to nature and so we are committed to support this. 

All of our scholarships for the 2019-2020 school year have been allocated. If you are interested for next year please let us know. We intentionally hold space for BIPOC. 


We love barters! Some of the barters that we have done in the past are massage, weekly meals, farm share, yoga membership, doula services, accounting work, childcare, photo session, light house cleaning, oil changes, and teaching.  

Please let us know if you are interested in talking about barters. Let's talk!

Request More Information.

Email Meag Diamond


Parents are encouraged to pay the full tuition prior to the first day of preschool, but may choose to pay in monthly installments. Monthly payments will be due by the first of the month. The parent is responsible for payment of all scheduled days. We have a routing number and encourage families to set up a monthly recurring payment.