Chavitos! Nature School

Nature Inspired, Spanish Immersed

Ages 2-5 and Grades K-5

We are growing and will be offering two programs in 2021-2022 school year.  One program is our very popular Preschool program. And our new expansion will include a new elementary program called On The Hill with full day options!  

Preschool Program - Ages 2-5

We are full for the 2021-2022 sch​ool year. Please contact us to be added to our waitlist. 

Our preschool program is a unique experience. We believe in the power of play, exploration and following the child.  Located on a little less than an acre in the heart of urban Tacoma we have a vibrant diverse setting to learn about ourselves and each other. The kids learn about the strength of their bodies and their ability to problem solve when climbing the old growth rhododendrons and apple trees.  They learn how to check in with a friend who gets hurt. When mixing water and grass in the mud kitchen they explore science concepts of volume and space. A wagon being pulled teaches them about force and weight. It's all pure magic! 

 We have morning session at 8:30-11:30 and afternoon session 1:00-4:00. 

We believe that the act of play is children's greatest work. It is enough. It is sacred. It is powerful. Naturally opportunities arise for students to  build and practice social-emotional skills and moral intelligence. Some questions we ask while they are playing might be, "Who has the power in this game? Why?" "Who hasn't had a chance with the resources and materials? How can we make it more accessible for everyone?" "How do you think they are feeling right now? Is there any way you would like to make amends with them?" 

Using our certification in Montessori philosophy you will see  children who are encouraged to be independent. They clean up their snack, they put on a layer when cold, they climb up and down trees without a lift.  Through this they learn to listen to their bodies, learn their limits and edges and get to know themselves and others.  

In both programs we commit to...

  • An extended amount of time outside. Preschool is all outdoors. Elementary is outside as much as possible with also inside classroom space in our geodome and art studio. 
  • Utilized play and sparked interests to learn and explore.
  • A Spanish speaking teacher who will speak primarily in Spanish.
  • A strong focus on community and doing life in a village mindset.
  • Using Montessori principles such as following the child so we can use natural motivation and interests as a catalyst for learning.
  •  Deeply value diversity of families cultural, racial, religious, age, gender, sexual orientation and disability diversities when making our decisions. We believe students learn acceptance at a young age and need endless opportunity to be in community with those who are different than themselves. 
  • Teaching moral intelligence, tolerance, acceptance and awareness through conversation, modeling and expectations.
  •  Honor the original inhabitant of our land and teach students how to honor the Puyallup Tribe and their home. 


We like to consider ourselves as a school with heart. We love to connect to families with intention and authenticity.  During the spring, summer and fall we have monthly potlucks every third Saturday of the month.  This is a wonderful time when we have more time to connect over shared food and stories.  Parents meet their child's best forest friends, see them climb their favorite trees and swap parenting techniques or laugh over each others latest parenting battles and struggles.  

Also there is a monthly newsletter full of connection to the season, parenting strategies and updates about school.  Here is an example of one to give you an idea.  

2021-2022 School Year

During the summer we have many students who vacation, meaning we have open spots for drop ins.  This is a great time for students enrolled for the fall to come join us for a class.  If your student has done a trial hour we will contact you when we have a drop in available.  

Next year we will be in transition!   We will be opening the afternoon class 1:00-4:00 to older preschool students.  We will be moving our elementary program to a different location to make more spaces for the high demand of preschool students.  If you are interested in our extended elementary program check out the ta​b on our website!