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Ages 2-5 and Grades K-5

Chavitos Elementary

I feel like I can not say this enough but thank you for everything you do! While reading the newsletter I started to cry. Our family is so happy that we found Chavitos for A -and one day our little ones. There is no other place that takes the time like this and cares so deeply. We are so grateful to be a part of the Chavitos Family.

Tiarra-Mother of a Kindergartner

Our classrooms are varied and mostly outside.  We have a 16 foot geodome that we use for 1 hour of literacy class daily. The other five hours are outside and under our shelter. 

 Our bathroom, sandbox and additional outdoor work space are ready to use at any moment!  Loose parts are organized and invite the students to explore and learn during two dedicated movement times during the day.  

Chavitos On the Hill 

Our new Elementary program

Our elementary program, is at a second location in Puyallup off of River Road. 

Chavitos Elementary is lead by Meag. She uses her Montessori skills of a multiage classroom to teach a small group of Kindergarten through Sixth Grade.

We are committed instruction being taught by a fluent Spanish speaker. Currently one of our teachers speaks Spanish during the morning elective 3 hours. 

Class are flexible and follow the flow and interests of the children.  If the students are curious about our chicken and their eggs, but it's Spanish class time the class will continue with just a shift into more specific Spanish teaching. Maybe they start to learn the words for egg, feather, beck or learn phrases like "The chicken is red."  

During academic block Meag and the co-teacher use their teaching and  Montessori background and experience to follow the child's needs. Some students might be working on a play to perform to parents and others might be working on a book to donate to the class library.  We believe there are many ways to learn and we will honor the individual style of your child. We do this while using the common core standards to plan and communicate lessons and progress with parents. Rigor and excellence are also a value we hold. 

We have three different options for Chavitos Elementary.  

1. Elective option.  This is run like a cooperative.  Classes are offering Monday-Friday 9:00-12:00. You can enroll your child for as many or as few days as your family needs.  Each class is $10. The classes we will be offering are Spanish, art, social justice, marimba and dance, cooking, and science.  Classes are limited to 15 students with a student teacher ratio of 2:7. 

2. Academic block. This is run like a tutoring session.  It will be taught as a multi-aged class. The classes are Literacy and Math. There will be whole group lessons such as read aloud and calendar. Also, there will be small group lessons which are decided by the needs of the students and will be focused on the skill and standards those students are ready for.  There will also be individual lessons to meet each child's unique needs.   The commitment is for five days a week 12:00-3:00.  This is offered to grades Kindergarten through Sixth. Spanish is sprinkled into songs, numbers and concepts, but English is the main language for these lessons. 

3. Full day. For this option the student participates Monday-Friday 9:00-3:00 for a full day of both electives and academic block. This is only for students under the age of 8. At age 8, in the state of Washington, students must be declared either homeschooling, or enroll in a public or private school. 

We are not a public or a credentialed private school, but we can offer excellent group academic tutoring support! If you are choosing to enroll your age 8+ child to supplement homeschooling, please be sure you are both aware of  and compliant with WA state homeschooling regulations. Find more info here.

If over the age of 8, we can support students a maxim of 3 full days/week. OR. You may piece together a combination of elective and academic classes under 24  hours/week. 

If you are curious how this would work with your homeschooling please email us. 

 We’ve found there to be a lot of different options within these requirements so please reach out to problem solve together. 

Students over 8 years old may not attend our full-time program offerings. 


Interested? Click to find out about the cost of each program.  

Daily Chavitos Elementary Rhythm for 2022-2023